Northwest Vietnam is one of important sub-regions of Vietnam. This region plays a crucial role in Vietnam defense and security. Northwest Vietnam is always characterized by untouched beauty of landscapes and local people.

Possessing the roof of Vietnm, Hoang Lien Mountains soaring skyward, Northwest Vietnam has its long shadows concealing some best-kept secrets of Vietnam. Landscapes in the mountainous area are described as gathering in a rich palette, which providing some of the most spectacular scenery in Vietnam. Northwest Vietnam is also the residence of hill tribes who are in elaborate costumes. Cultures of ethnic minority groups in this region are diverse and contribute greatly to Vietnamese culture. Although being one of disadvantageous regions in Vietnam in term of geography, Northwest Vietnam attracts people from everywhere to come and discover. Seemingly, the mountainous area brings something mysterious, which appeal curiosity of both domestic and international tourists. Striking scenery and a series of challenges in this region are looking for your explorations and experiences.

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