Da Lat

Da Lat – The “Little Paris” of Vietnam


Dalat is capital city of Lam Dong province. It is located on Lang Biang highland – a part of Central Highland of Vietnam. Dalat is a beautiful, peaceful and romantic city in Vietnam because most of houses were built in French style during the French colonization. Besides, Dalat is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Vietnam. It owns so many tourist sites such as Lovely valley, Xuan Huong lake, Lake of Sighs, Lang Biang mountain, others beautiful landscape and different minorities.

As in Sapa, Dalat has beautiful climate with the warm temperatures during the day and cold at night. The climate of Dalat is very suitable for so many different kinds of flowers. This is why Dalat also has a nick name is the city of flowers. Nowadays, travelers come to Dalat not only for relax, but also for exploring the history, culture, and traditional custom of local people.

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The best time to travel to Dalat

If you are looking for the best Vietnam holiday, Dalat is one of the best places you should not skip. It is quite different from other cities in Vietnam since it is located on the valey of Lang Biang Mountain. The weather in Dalat is very cool and refreshing all year around. However, the best time to Visit Dalat is in dry season from October to December, because at this time the weather is very nice and comfortable. So you will have chance to take part in a lot of outdoor activities. It will be much more amazing if you travel to Dalat from December to March when you can see flowers in everywhere and also very convenient for you to get some jungle trekking tours.

Top tourist attraction to see in Dalat

Traveling to this city from Ho Chi Minh city you can take the shuttle bus, private transfer or take the flight of Vietnam airlines. This city features many interesting landmarks which we would like to mention as below:

01 – Datanla waterfall

Da Lat | Asia Hero Travel | Vietnam

This waterfall is one of the most beautiful ones in Dalat, only 5 km from downtown of Dalat, Dantalan meaning water under the leaves, because according to the legend Datanla used to be called Da Tam N’nha by the Kho people who had been living there in the old time and did not know there was a stream under the leaves. After they found this stream and waterfall, the word Da Tam N’nha changed to Datanla.
Discover this waterfall, tourists can walk down to the fall or tourists can take the roller-coaster to the site. Besides, tourists also can have more some adventure activities including climb the cliff, discover the forest, go along the stream to come to Prenn Bridge.

02 – Xuan Huong lake

Located in the centre of Dalat, Xuan Huong lake is one of the most beautiful tourist sites you must see in Dalat. The lake has an area of 32 hacta and overage deep of 1.5m. Visiting this lake, tourist can use the elegant swan boat ride to discover the beauty of the lake. Besides, tourists also enjoy strolling along the lakeside or resting under the conifers.

03 – Linh Phuoc pagoda

Da Lat | Asia Hero Travel | Vietnam

Only 8 km from Dalat city, Linh Phuoc pagoda is the most unique pagoda in Lam Dong province
It was built from 1949 to 1952. The remarkable feature of the pagoda is the Dragon- shaped which was made from the broken pieces of glasses in the design of Khai Dinh’s Tomb in Hue. It is very sanctified which is suitable for people coming to worship and sightseeing.

04 – Valley of Love park

Valley of Love is one of the most romantic tourist sites in Dalat, it is only 5 km from city centre to the north, a beautiful place for those who love camping or picnicking. Besides, travelers also can go trekking or hire a car riding to Vong Canh Hill to enjoy the stunning view of this valley.
Traveling to this park, tourists not only love this park because of place of amusement, but also for western like cowboy with their fake guns, and wide hats.

05 – Domaine de Marie Church

Located on the nice hill with an area of 12 ha, only 1 km from city centre, this is special church because it has no bell tower and its roofs are similar to the roofs of communal houses of Ethnic minority in Central highland.
The church opens from 5 Am on every Sunday and 5:15 AM on every other days.

06 – Lang Biang mountain

Located in Lac Duong district, 12 km from city centre, Lang Biang mountain is one of the most attractive destination which most of travelers do not skip when traveling to Dalat. This is a beautiful place for taking photos and for those who like to discover the culture of ethnic minorities in Southern Highlands.
From Dalat central, you just take 15 minutes by taxi, motorbike or private transfer to the food of Lang Biang mountain where you can see different hill tribes live together.

07 – Bao Dai’s summer palace

Located only 2,5 km from city centre, Bao Dai’s summer palace is the most attractive tourist sites must-see for most of tourists when traveling to Dalat. The palace was built under the dynasty of King Bao Dai from 1933 to 1937. When visiting this palace, tourist will have chance to explore the living of royal family through 25 rooms and its amenities. You will see the working place of the king, living place of his family, besides you also can see a lot of valuable items still preserved in good condition.

08 – Dalat flower gardens

Da Lat | Asia Hero Travel | Vietnam

Dalat flower park: Located at the end of Xuan Huong lake and just 2 km from city centre, Dalat flower gardens being the top must-see in Dalat city tour where travelers can enjoy hundreds kinds of flowers.

Langbiang Flower Farm: Located in 42, Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street, 5 km from city centre. This flower farm is famous for the dominance of eustomas. This kind of flower has made the name of Langbiang farm all over country.

Anh Quynh Orchid Farm: Located in 44B Van Kiep, Dalat city, this farm is famous for a lot of beautiful orchid flowers.

Interesting things to do in Dalats

Easy rider motorbike tour

This tour will offer travelers a big chance to see and understand about local custom, culture of hill tribe groups. Besides, you also have chance to explore the new routes for best view and scenery which will give you a lifetime memory.

Dalat cable car

If you would like to view Dalat city from sky, book the long cable car to watching city will be the best way. Located on the Robin hill, Dalat cable car will offer you the best opportunity to wallow in the nature, fly above the flower gardens and Western-styled architectural villas.

Walking around the night market

Walking around Dalat night market, you will be surprised by a variety of products such as wools, food, fruit, vegetables, This market is an idea place for visitors to do the shopping or just to go for a walk at night in the center of Da Lat city.

Crazy house ( Hang Nga house)

Located in 3 Huynh Thuc Khang, Dalat city, Crazy house was designed by Vietnamese architect and impressionist Dang Viet Nga. The house is more like a gallery than a hotel, with giant animals on display like a spider and a giraffe that doubles as a mini tea house.

Truc Lam pagoda

Not far from city centre, Truc Lam pagoda is an amazing place travelers should not miss, because it is not only the biggest one but also is one of the most popular tourist sites for both domestic tourists and international tourists.

Da Lat Cremailere Railway Station

When traveling to Dalat, tourist not only attracted by so many beautiful landscape, comfortable weather, but also attracted by French architectures of this city. Dalat Cremailere railway station is one of the most unique ones which most of tourist would lie to discover in their holiday in this romantic city.

Walk around Xuan Huong lake

When traveling to Dalat city, Xuan Huong lake is a beautiful place you should not miss. Specially, if you walk around the lake it is about 7 km and you can get the different view on city and it is very interesting to see the local people relaxing at the lake side.

Golf in dalat

If you like to playing golf, Dalat is a wonderful place for you to play your favourite sport. The following are some of the best golf course in Dalat:

Dalat Palace Golf Club: It is located in 1500m above the sea level. This is the first 18-hole course consider as the best one in country with lake, pine trees, valleys and beautiful flower gardens.

Sacom Tuyen Lam Golf Club: this golf club is situated in a narrow valley surrounded by pine forests however, it is also an amazing place for you to enjoy your favoutite.

The Dalat at 1200 Country Club: Located between 1200 and 1600m above the sea level with small streams, lakes, and waterfalls that meander through the holes that makes this golf course looks very romantic and you will be very comfortable when playing in this one.

Hiking in Dalat

Hiking in Dalat is quite easy and simple if you would like to discover Dalat city by your own, just rent a bike and use the local map then you can go. Lang Biang mountain is the best place to hike where you can enjoy spectacular nature, marvelous view of Dalat City, forest, rivers and houses of hill tribes.

Adventure sports

Dalat is an amazing place for you to enjoy the great outdoor sports including whitewater rafting, whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, paragliding and canyoning. However, it is not easy if you want to do by yourself. So, the best way to enjoy these adventure sports is book via travel agents in Dalat. Phat Tire Ventures company seem the most professional in organizing this kind of tour.

Best spas and massages in Dalat

Rosy Spa: Located in 10/1 Phu Dong Thien Vuong street. Rosy Spa is the most professional service. This Spa offers the various service with the best quality and price is pretty cheap. Besides, the staffs are very friendly and can speak abit English.
Dalat Edensee Spa: This is one of the best services in Dalat with the area covers more than 2000m2 it has all modern facilities for health and beauty care. This Spa opens from 9:00 to 21:00. Besides, this Spa also has other service such as pool, gym, sport activities, kid’s corner: opens from 8:00 to 20:00

Recommended restaurants in Dalat:

When traveling to Dalat, travelers have different options to taste the local food of Dalat. Nguyen Tri Thanh street is a street offers a good variety of restaurants. Besides, you also can find the good ones in other destinations in Dalat city. Let’s Vivu travel recommend you some restaurants as below:

01 – Trong Dong restaurant: Located in 220 Phan Dinh Phung, Dalat city, abit far from city centre. However, this restaurant is one of the most excellent restaurants in this city offers fresh and delicious food. Most of travelers said that they will come back this restaurant when they have chance.

02 – Nam Phan restaurant: Situated in the beautiful garden with 4 floors, this is the most recent Khai family endeavour and another jewel in their culinary crown. Nam Phan restaurant provide authentic Vietnamese cuisine with perfect service will bring tourist a memorable time when enjoy their food.

03 – Hoa Sen vegetarian restaurant: Located in 52 Truong Cong Dinh, Hoa Sen restaurant offer the various menu for vegetarian including traditional Vietnamese soups, hot pots, baked tofu dishes, salads, sandwiche etc and hot tea. The nice atmosphere with professional and friendly staffs will give you a warmest feeling.

04 – Blue water restaurant: Located in 02 Tran Quoc Toan with lovely lake side view, Blue Water restaurant offers the Chinese taste with very fantastic menu and good food. The price is a bit expensive compared to other restaurants; however, the portions were large and tasty.

05 – Le Rabelais Restaurant: Located in , this restaurant offers you a grand selection of culinary experiences. Le Rabelais is a French style restaurant with warm, welcoming and professional staffs, this restaurant is perfect place for meeting friends, partners or pleasure at any time of the day.

Shopping in Dalat

Dalat is not only the romantic destination for visiting, it is also a heaven of shopping. If you like shopping in this area, we suggest you the famous place as below:

Dalat central market: Situated on the food of the hill, Dalat central market is a lovely place for you to shopping because this market provides so many kinds of foods.

On the right of market, you can find so many kinds of flowers in the stores. In this place, you can immerse yourself in the colors of flowers. Besides, you also can see the dried flowers, they are very beautiful. Buying the dried flowers will be the best choice if you would like to bring a corner of Dalat to your home.

Moving on inside, you can see the fresh fruits and vegetables, they are very delicious. Moreover, you can find the dried fruits and Dalat wine and so many other things.

Other tips

Getting around:

Far from Lien Khuong airport 30km, Ho Chi Minh 300km, it is easy for tourists travel to Dalat by plane, private transfer, taxi or public bus.
Besides, traveling to Dalat from other big cities, tourists also can take the flights as below:

  • From Hanoi to Dalat, you can take the flight of Vietnam airlines, Viet Jet air and Jestar air
  • From Danang to Dalat, you can take the flight of Vietnam airlines
  • From Vinh to Dalat, you can take the flight of Vietjet air
  • From Ho Chi Minh to Dalat, you can take the flight of Vietnam airlines and Vietjet air.

In Dalat, you can get taxi to travel around city by the following taxis:

  • Dalat taxi: Tel:+ 063 3 666 888; + 063 3 55 66 55
  • Duc Trong taxi: Tel + 063 3 678 888
  • Bao Loc taxi: Tel + 063 3 722 222
  • Red star taxi: Tel + 063 3 95 95 95

Currencies, ATMs & Credit cards:

In Dalat, you can use both currency Vietnam dong and USD, however, USD will be a bit limited and you just use in the big place such as at hotels, and restaurants.

Have a nice trip!

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