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Considering a trip to Vietnam or to the other countries of Ancient Indochina can be a real headache! The traveler can ask many questions in terms of organization before departure and on site but do not panic, Asia Hero Travel is there to help you!

From researching international flights to developing the itinerary and then booking accommodation, it is necessary to know some essential information about Vietnam in order to properly prepare your trip.

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Since its independence, Vietnam has been a country open to the world and welcoming to tourism. Vietnam is a diverse country. It covers 16 degrees of latitude from north to south, has an extensive coastline yet offers lush forest and stunning hill scenery elsewhere. It is a place where history and culture mixes with natural wonders, great cuisine and naturally friendly people.

It is not surprising that the number of tourists visiting this wonderful country is growing. They will leave with great memories, often determined to return to see more and certainly carrying positive memories that will only encourage family and friends to tread the same path in the future.

Have a nice trip!